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Me as Them, Them As Me

Installation; moving image, structural forms 



Using my cell phone as a predominant mark maker, I have exploited my usage and distributed an exemplified façade created indexically by me, the user. Cell phone usage is a ubiquitous idea now, one that is banal, menial and inescapable. Through compiling unsolicited recorded screen footage, an intimate amount of information is revealed, un-tapered and embarrassingly revealing to not only me, but for others that I communicate with periodically.

By forming organic shapes with wire, sequin fabric and industrial chain, not only is my content interrupted, reiterating natures of digital language, such as: photo sharing, editing and manipulation - but upon the projections contact with the fabric, a physical experience is created.

This work attempts to aestheticize an area in the digital world that is constantly growing and advancing in time. Social media and cellular communication triggers anxieties and trepidations for many participants, altering the way in which we view the world, relate to it and represent ourselves from the palm of our hands.

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