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Velveteen, 2018

Laser-cut Velvet perspex, dimensions variable. 

Shown in Wallace Arts Awards 2018


Laid in Heaven, 2018

Public Installation for Artweek's Electric Night on Karangahape Road

The Laterals, 


A platform that was introduced to promote up and coming local female artists to the public. Utilising an interactive window, The Laterals created a personalised connection between the artist and the viewer and was showcased through a projection onto the facade of the Saint James Theatre. The Laterals was comprised of 14 artists with varying practices in order to celebrate and pay homage to the Women in Aotearoa who fought for the vote 125 years ago. 

Exhibition: Wāhine Take Action (Level 2 Gallery, 6-8pm), showcasing the tools and tactics woman have used to fight for their causes over the past 125 years. 

The Laterals was showcased for Late Night Art as part of Artweek 2018


Cub Series, 

Pah Homestead Mantle Piece Series, James Wallace Arts Trust, Auckland

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