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Me as Them, Them As Me, 2016, Installation; moving image, structural forms.

Using my cell phone as a predominant mark maker, I have exploited my usage and distributed an exemplified façade created indexically by me, the user. Cell phone usage is a ubiquitous idea now, one that is banal, menial and inescapable. Through compiling unsolicited recorded screen footage, an intimate amount of information is revealed, un-tapered and embarrassingly revealing to not only me, but for others that I communicate with periodically. By forming organic shapes with wire, sequin fabric and industrial chain, not only is my content interrupted, reiterating natures of digital language, such as: photo sharing, editing and manipulation - but upon the projections contact with the fabric, a physical experience is created.This work attempts to aestheticize an area in the digital world that is constantly growing and advancing in time. Social media and cellular communication triggers anxieties and trepidations for many participants, altering the way in which we view the world, relate to it and represent ourselves from the palm of our hands.


Chambers, 2019.

Digital and mixed media

Chambers is a new series of work that centres around ideas of afterlife, human viscera, and the heart. These works represent the four chambers of the human heart, with blood pumping through the atria and moving through to the ventricles, eventually allowing oxygen to get to our lungs. 

Seen here with pulsating lights and organ-esque cuts, each work has been composed with inspiration from early cubist/futurists and collaged work, specificaly from Gino Severini and Jean Arps. Seeing works of theirs in the flesh resonated with me in an entirely visceral sense. 

I created Chambers aspiring to construct organically shaped objects, much like Enak's Tears, Terrestrial Forms (1917), while wishing that my insides looked exactly like Dynamic Hieorglyphic of the Bal Tabarin (1912). 

The Laterals, 

This large-scale project was comprised of 14 female identifying artist's work boradcasted to the public in order to pay homage to the Women in Aotearoa who fought for the vote 125 years ago.  The Laterals was projected onto the facade of Saint James Theatre, and  showcased for Late Night Art as part of Artweek, Aotearoa, in 2018. Exhibition: Wāhine Take Action (Level 2 Gallery, 6-8pm), showcasing the tools and tactics woman have used to fight for their causes over the past 125 years.

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