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Cessation, 2017

Multi-media, HD video, colour, sound. [14mins (looped)]

Cessation aims to articulate the supposed seven stages of grief by constructing and manipulating internet imagery. Self-recorded moving image, gifs, green screens, sound clips and animations are used as tools to create a visual navigation, travelling through elements of shock, pain, anger, reflection, revelation, reconstruction and hope.

Combining digital elements with artificial foliage regurgitates internet’s recurring motifs and iconography in a real-time, physical space. Similarly, the median stage of grief as 'depression, reflection, and loneliness’, is represented here by a statue with synchronized white screens and accompanying sound.

Although all footage has been manipulated, edited and sequenced based on an ongoing, private navigation of grief, degraded footage has been sourced based on the internet’s un-cited terms and definitions. The publicly accessed, low-quality content across these sounds, objects and imagery eradicates agency and personal sentiment is almost entirely lost.

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