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Tiger King, and other regrets from Oklahoma, 2019

Shown as part of the The Patriot at O'Flaherty's gallery, 2022

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20220807_Blair LeBlanc_OFlahertys The Pa

Tiger King, and other regrets from Oklahoma, 2018.

Spray, acrylic on Americana resined wood.

11 x 11 in. 

Installation views: 

20220807_Blair LeBlanc_OFlahertys The Patriot Install_20.jpg
20220807_Blair LeBlanc_OFlahertys The Patriot Install_37.jpg

Gallery visitors used flashlights to view the artworks that filled every square inch of O’Flaherty’s in the East Village of Manhattan.

New York Times, 2022


Tiger King, and other regrets from Oklahoma, was shown in The Patriot at O' Flaherty's gallery, 

PR: (2022).The most disappointing show for an artist to be in is a summer group show. You're slobbed together with a bunch of strangers who are totally unrelated to what you're about, the rich people are out of town, PLUS this gallery would probably never show you. Guess what. You thought you couldn't be in a more disrespectful group show and you were wrong. We literally took any piece of shit you brought in whether it was awesome or total trash and tried to make it an idea. The Patriot is a truly democratic show where everyone is treated equally like shit. 

*All photos taken by Blair Leblanc, and Rebecca Smeyne for The New York Times

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