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Laid in Heaven, 2017

HD video, colour, sound.18mins (looped)

Shown as part of Eden Arts Awards, 2017

Inspired by online sharing forums, vintage pornography and the luxuriously overt formalities of the rococo era, Laid in Heaven deciphers elements of kitsch from our digital everyday. Over-saturated in low-fi and recursive digital imagery, these works attempts to articulate society's pull to online perverseness, eroticism and its abundance of tacky trends through six key elements: body, desire, fantasy and belief, nature, texture and time. The three combined video sequences sync through a heightened and glorified sense of 21st century kitsch - mirroring an excellent taste in bad taste.

Laid in Heaven // Shaping Up, Antoinette Godkin Gallery, Auckland.

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For further enquiries, please contact: Antoinette Godkin Gallery 32Y York Street Apartments Parnell Auckland.

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