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Interview with painter and arts educator, Clare Kambhu

Ultimate Beauty: Group show, curated by Motoichi Adachi and Kyoko Sato, Tenri Cultural Institution

Interview with gallerist Kourosh Mahboubian of Kapow, and artist Jamie Martinez of Ghost Project Space


Screaming in a Whisper - Brianne Garcia, KappKapp

Changin' Times - Harvey L. Silver at EVGallery

Cheer Up, Kitten - an interview with ceramicist, Jane Margarette

Portraits of the Revolution - Sneha S. at EVGallery

Anaphoric Fractures - Tilde Thurium and Nicole Aptekar, EVGallery

A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends - Ellen Siebers, March Gallery

Just Living the Dream - Elbert Perez, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Kimberley Pepperoni's Closet - Kevin Sabo, Kates-Ferri Projects

Ebony Series Focus in Homecoming: Artist Alumni Exhibition - Dana Robinson, Kates-Ferri Projects

Red Velvet, Orange Crush- Emily Oliveira, Geary

Buried and Deep - Robert Zehnder, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Follow Me Down - Tessa Billhartz, Rubber Factory

Soft Water Hard Stone - Christina Pataialii, New Museum

For Calder (In Motion) - Wendy White, Scooter LaForge, Howard Fonda & B.D Graft, Launch F18

Falling Though Flatland - Chris Hood, Lyles & King


Anti-Christmas Special - Ryan Bock, Ki Smith Gallery

If Death Ever Learn - Brittni Ann Harvey, Someday Gallery

Night Moves - Jacqueline Cedar, Shelter Gallery

The Marble Mouth Oracle - Group Show, Below Grand

My Snake is Bigger than your Snake - Rebecca Goyette, Freight + Volume Gallery

Portraits of You - Sei Smith, Ki Smith Gallery

Interview:Superchief Gallery NFT - 56 East 11th Street

There's the Air - Clare Grill, Derek Eller Gallery

Group Sex - Group Show, Full Tank Moto x Ed Varie

Black Femme: Sovereign of WAP and the Virtual Realm - Group Show, Canada

Once, Twice // Memories are Weapons - Hanna Handsotter, Ry David Bradley & Kevin Christy, The Hole

Last Supper - Group Show, LatchKey Gallery

Dress Up My Lindsay - Marika Thunder, Public Access Gallery

Friend Zone - Group Show, Half Gallery

Dissecting the Cyborgian Swamp Thang - Group Show, Super Dutchess Gallery

First Draft - Sei Smith, Caslon Bevington, Dylan Reitz, Ki Smith Gallery

Farbe - Paige Beeber, Freight + Volume Gallery

Moko Moko Doki Doki // Double Happiness - Misaki Kawai // Caroline Larsen, Roxanne Jackson, The Hole

Nosegay Tornado - Ambera Wellmann, Company Gallery


Mrs. Even Williams - Jamian Juliano-Vilani, JTT

In the Woods - Sally Saul, Rachel Uffner Gallery

edenchrome for all - Group Show, ASHES//ASHES

NYNY2020 - Melissa Brown, Derek Eller Gallery

Total Running Time - Jibade Khalil Huffman, Magenta Plains

Cotton Mouth - Tschabalala Self, Eva Presenhuber

Crichoues Indignation - Caitlin Cherry, The Hole

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