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Interview with Francine Tint, the dynamic painter behind The Sky is a Mirror, of new works at Upsilon Gallery


Sorry won’t cut it - RETNA’s "Pardon Me" at Alchemy Gallery




Confrontational color at Analog Diary

Sarah Miska Paints Too Close for Comfort


Constructing with paper: Kako Ueda on the making of “Tori Tori Tori” and the magic of symbols

Homage to Green-Wood Cemetery—Bethany Jacobson’s photography examines nature and female solitude

In Her New Show, Chiao-Han Chueh Reflects on the Notions of Gender and Conformity

Grids in Nature: Photographs by Georgia Carr for Art New Zealand


Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins: Balancing Act

“does he love me, does she love me not” Sophus solo-show at The Opening Gallery.

Looking back at Wangechi Mutu's Intertwined at New Museum with curator Vivian Crockett

Yongqi Tang’s Lullaby at Jupiter Contemporary

Kenny Schachter fossilizes friends, fiends and foes in Slow Food, his solo-show at NFT Gallery in New York

Sculptor Nicki Cherry uncovers personal experiences in A Pound of Flesh at Charmoli Ciamoli

Worn, torn and entirely lovable: an interview with Talia Levitt on her first solo show, Schmatta at Rachel Uffner Gallery

Walk to the wide open window at Selenas Mountain Gallery - Tamara Santibañez

Stilllife Art & Design Fair 2023

Passing Through at Picture Theory - An interview with painter, Gretta Johnson

Medium Rare at Subtitled NYC: Interview with Artists


Swallowtail, an interview with Andrea Marie Breiling about her solo show at Almine Rech

Interview with Korean-born artist Jiwon Rhie about her immigrant experience and arts practice in New York

Mie Yim: Hazardous and barely fictional - Belladonna, Olympia Gallery & Nightshade, Simone Subal Gallery.

Adrian Schachter’s paintings aren't as popular as he is yet - if fish could swim, Gratin

Interview with artist and director of Subtitled NYC, Jaejoon Jang

Painter Kate Wallace’s small paintings depict fragmented snapshots of distance and memory - A curve that warms, LEILA GREICHE

Erica Mao's unprotected souls - Reach Through the Veil, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Interview with Tutu Gallery and artist Huidi Xiang about her solo exhibition, when held properly

MISS UNIVERSE -  Maggie Holland, Anna Friemoth, Chris Carr, Gabriele De Cos, Lewinale Havette, ABE, Lane Sell, Adam Pitt, Anne McMahan, Nancy Spero, and Emma Amos.

Interview with painter and arts educator, Clare Kambhu

Ultimate Beauty: Group show, curated by Motoichi Adachi and Kyoko Sato, Tenri Cultural Institution

Interview with painter, Mark Zubrovich

Interview with gallerist Kourosh Mahboubian of Kapow, and artist Jamie Martinez of Ghost Project Space

A Certain Slant of Light - Sarah Bedford, Mrs.,




Interview with painter, Lee Maxey

Screaming in a Whisper - Brianne Garcia, KappKapp

Changin' Times - Harvey L. Silver at EVGallery


Cheer Up, Kitten - an interview with ceramicist, Jane Margarette

Portraits of the Revolution - Sneha S. at EV Gallery

Above and Below - Kathleen Goncharov at Olympia


Interview with Michael Koster -  EV Gallery

Renderings of the Spirit - Matthew Marcot, EV Gallery 

Ageless Machine - Robert Zehnder, Mrs.


Specimens - Mary Franck, EV Gallery


Sensed As Well As Seen - Lucy Mullican, Olympia


Anaphoric Fractures - Tilde Thurium and Nicole Aptekar, EVGallery

A Divinity That Shapes Our Ends - Ellen Siebers, MARCH

Just Living the Dream - Elbert Perez, Rachel Uffner Gallery


Kimberley Pepperoni's Closet - Kevin Sabo, Kates-Ferri Projects

Ebony Series Focus in Homecoming: Artist Alumni Exhibition - Dana Robinson, Kates-Ferri Projects

Red Velvet, Orange Crush- Emily Oliveira, Geary

Be A Body- Alexandra Smith, Launch F18

Buried and Deep - Robert Zehnder, Rachel Uffner Gallery

Be A Body - Elena Redmond, Launch F18

Follow Me Down - Tessa Billhartz, Rubber Factory

Beetlejuice - Faith Icecold, Housing

Soft Water Hard Stone - Christina Pataialii, New Museum

For Calder (In Motion) - Wendy White, Scooter LaForge, Howard Fonda & B.D Graft, Launch F18

Falling Though Flatland - Chris Hood, Lyles & King




GHAOHANG! - Gao Hang, The Hole

Anti-Christmas Special - Ryan Bock, Ki Smith Gallery

If Death Ever Learn - Brittni Ann Harvey, Someday Gallery

Night Moves - Jacqueline Cedar, Shelter Gallery

The Marble Mouth Oracle - Group Show, Below Grand

My Snake is Bigger than your Snake - Rebecca Goyette, Freight + Volume Gallery

Portraits of You - Sei Smith, Ki Smith Gallery

Interview:Superchief Gallery NFT - 56 East 11th Street

Nature Morte - Group Show, The Hole

There's the Air - Clare Grill, Derek Eller Gallery

Group Sex - Group Show, Full Tank Moto x Ed Varie

Black Femme: Sovereign of WAP and the Virtual Realm - Group Show, Canada

Once, Twice // Memories are Weapons - Hanna Handsotter, Ry David Bradley & Kevin Christy, The Hole

Dress Up My Lindsay - Marika Thunder, Public Access Gallery

Last Supper - Group Show, LatchKey Gallery

Heart, Heart - Anke Weyer, Canada

Time Dilation - Daniel Arsham, Perrotin

Friend Zone - Group Show, Half Gallery

Dissecting the Cyborgian Swamp Thang - Group Show, Super Dutchess Gallery

First Draft - Sei Smith, Caslon Bevington, Dylan Reitz, Ki Smith Gallery

Farbe - Paige Beeber, Freight + Volume Gallery

Moko Moko Doki Doki // Double Happiness - Misaki Kawai // Caroline Larsen, Roxanne Jackson, The Hole

Home Alone - Group Show, ATM

Nosegay Tornado - Ambera Wellmann, Company Gallery






Mrs. Evan Williams - Jamian Juliano-Vilani, JTT

In the Woods - Sally Saul, Rachel Uffner Gallery

edenchrome for all - Group Show, ASHES//ASHES

NYNY2020 - Melissa Brown, Derek Eller Gallery

Total Running Time - Jibade Khalil Huffman, Magenta Plains

Cotton Mouth - Tschabalala Self, Eva Presenhuber

Crichoues Indignation - Caitlin Cherry, The Hole

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